jennifer so, my friend, Theressa, and I always just act like slackers and drive around dowtown Omaha in her car. And her car is kinda stinky (sorry, Theressa, but you got that damn dog.) So, right, one night we were driving around (as per usual) and I accidently spilled my FuFu Berry in her car. I was pissed, but the car smelled pretty. So I got this marleflous idea... "Why not make Jones Soda (c) air fresheners?"
Then I thought some more, and was like "yeah, like with today's inflation, and the per capita income of my region, and the fact that I am a poor ass broke theatre kid, there's no WAY that I would have the capital to start something like that." So... then I thought, why not pitch it to the fine, fine folks at the Jones Soda (c) Company. So I did. Or I am. Or something vaguely resembling such.

(start pitching now, boys)
So, why not make Jones Soda (c) air fresheners that smell like the different flavors?
They could be in the shape of a little bottle, and even have a phreaky-deaky picture on them too, like their namesake/creators.

Sound cool?
silentbob it would be a good idea. i like what jones soda does...i just wished it tasted more appealing to me. the only one i really like out of all that i've tried is
it is drinkable. the rest are just...something tolerable.
i like the little fortunes under the caps. they make feel happy!
like one time i got one before i went to see Alicia and it said 'A great love affair is in your near future' and GUESS WHAT!
moonshine The first Time I ever downed a jones Soda I was down in Huntington Beach..Cd searching at an old pawn shop that sold surf boards and bongo drums. I think we were looking to pawn something off for money too. The only thing they happened to sell for consumption was Jones soda. 000624
silentbob the first time i had one i was at the new union in minneapolis and this was a new interesting drink for me. when in minneaplos i went to a pizza hut where a guy spoke ebonics and i started liking this girl kinda sorta, and then this girl kinda sorta started liking me, but then refused to follow that emotion.

The past is the past and i havent had a jones soda in quite a while. shame.
lovers lament the first jones soda i ever even saw was bought by my friend, Vince. He looked underneath the cap and it said
"call your father"
it freaked him out.
jones soda is the best soda in the world.
what's it to you?
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