the other girl enough. that's enough now. 040522
kykat it's inevitable, it really is.
and i don't need to say anything else.
kidb i don't like indifferent jonas. 041021
a_mess I went crazy again today
Looking for a strand to climb
looking for a little hope
baby said he couldn't stay
wouldn't put his lips to mind
I said honey I don't feel so good
Come on, put a little love here in my void
I thought he was a man
but he was just a little boy
Hunger hurts and I want him
so bad, oh it kills
Cause I know I'm a mess he don't
want to clean up
Hunger hurts but starving works
When it costs to much to love
two it was like esp. i love when that happens. 041110
hmmmm I never wanted to be your rolling train
I never wanted to be your dancing shoes
I just wanted you to love me
just meeee "i'd shave my head for you." 041214
me still nothing 050201
weezerfan my name is jonas is my new favorite song. i wonder why? 050222
unigirl run, Jonas, run. 050430
hk bye 050902
kid long 060221
two boot haven't seen you in oh so long. 060602
lorna i wish i could write some impowered entry about how i am so over you and can't believe how stupid i was. but that's a lie. i don't know why i ever let you get into my head. i'm here and you're there. we were never going to be in the same place. maybe that's why it was so perfect. 090723
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