a thimble in time is going to be the next president of the United States. 031020
a thimble in time ...That is if he survives the democratic primary...and that's a big "if".

The gates have opened.
The horses gallop.
An open caucus!
A callous circus!
Perform for me politicians.
Spare me the use of my brain.

March on the bushy elephant.
Yes, the one with the big ears
and that big goofy grin.
He remembers too much,
And he forgets little me!

Oh donkeys go forth!
And quit kicking
your own ass.
- go dean.

clark needs to go away

dean in 2004
a thimble in time you'll see 040121
a thimble in time Bush should run with Rudy Guilliani if he wants to clinch this election. 040304
whitechocolatewalrus I don't like John Kerry. But then again, I don't like George Bush. And to say even more, I don't like Edwards either. None of the other candidates are going to make it, and I have no idea who I am going to vote for. 040304
wakinglife do you want the puppet on the left or the puppet on the right? 040305
Piso Mojado voting is one way to protest your own lack of a voice... 040305
minnesota_chris The Democrats are doomed.

How do I know this? Well, let's see if I can be brief. Somebody the other day told me that she really liked Kucinich, but supported Kerry, because he was the "most electable". Come on, everybody say it with me, "he's the guy who can beat Bush."

Everybody says that. And whenever everybody is saying the same thing, and no one knows why, then that something is wrong.

Can anybody tell me why they like Kerry? Is he warm, funny, smart, innovative? He's none of those things. We haven't got a prayer.

Mel_Gibson decided a few years ago to make a movie. Not a typical popular movie, but one that he felt passionately about. A story from the Bible, pretty much literal. Everybody said it was the dumbest idea in the world.

He didn't advertise it, it doesn't have any stars, writers, no nothing. No reason to succeed. It's just something that he believed in. I just figured it out, he has profited about $100 million just from the opening week.

You want a horrible idea? Try something conventional. You want something that will beat Bush? Try something interesting that you believe in.
... A 'War hero' and of an anti-war critic- John Kerry


Next US President, if the fairy_tale of

white_house's 911 is Real.
kx21 ***
* Women_Nag about Bush Administration

Associated with White_house's_911:-

You cannot have America run the occupation, make all the reconstruction decisions, make the decisions on the kind of government that will emerge, and pretend to bring other nations to the table,...
hmmm coppertop_kerry 040420
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* PCA on the Goodness of Flip_Flop

I Flip in 1991, as I am misled by the Intelligence_estimate of Bush's Father about the scale, specifically the funding of Iraq War (After Iraq invaded Kuwait).

I Flop in 2002 as I am misled by Bush's Intelligence_estimate about the existing of WMD and its intended usage against my Homeland like 911...

I Flip (i.e. voted against disbursing Money for post-war operation in Iraq but will let US Troops stay in Iraq should be become President) as I can't Trust Bush's dollar_and_cent logically, physically, emotionally & spiritually. If I fall into the black_hole of his Political_Games (please click to sense that). And I would have Zero Money, or more precisely negative fund for post-war when I take over Bush as President in January 2005.

What_if the administration of Senior Bush agreed with my Flip?

There would be ' NO Flop ' from me as US is Free from 911 in the Past, at the Present & in the Future (i.e. 911 would not have happened at the first place)

And I stand by my Flip_Flop and Flip with " Pride " yesterday as well as today...

Copyright 2004
The Ghost of William Burroughs MC:

Mel Gibson's movie is about as Biblically accurate as The Last Temptation of Christ. It's based more on a book written by a Bavarian nun in the mid to late 1800's than it is on any of the Gospels.

none of the 4 Gospels have the centurions dropping the crucified Christ on his face nor do they have any depiction of Christ being bound in chains and dangled off of/bounced off of the side of a bridge

The only thing i took from that film as benig "miraculous" was the possibility that Jesus could have contained so much almost made Kill Bill Vol. I look like a Disney movie (Which, technically - as a Miramax film, it was, but you know what i mean)
minnesota_chris ow!

I never saw the movie. I know the story, and I hate senseless violence.
minnesota_chris but my point is, if you want to change the world, stop listening to all the experts, and do something you believe in. 040727
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