velvet spasm i am jewish, and am extremely offended that i wrote this. 010404
florescent light shalom

I am Jewish too.

right on baby, right on.
hellel ben sahar dammit, where's my knish?

velvet spasm who knew? 010407
IHVH i knew all the time 010407
hellel ben sahar Well then, pops, I'll ask you?

Where's my knish, dammit?
IHVH Oy! you.

Always with the wisecracks.

I have no son

(Don't even get me started on that sandal-wearing hippie brother of yours)
velvet spasm you won't even look me in the eye and talk to me like a person... 010408
judith goldberg meshuguna!
popsickle head!

all you give me is
hearaches and headaches and corns on my feet. Now bring me a lowage diet coke.
hellel ben sahar Gevalt!

if someone doesn't find me some knish soon i think i'm gonna plotz
velvet spasm my son, he had to be a garbageman! why do i bother? 010620
MollyCule my friend Vince read in The Big Jewish Book Of Why that if your maternal family line was at any point Jewish, the female children (AKA me, and my sister, if I had any) are therefore Jewish by default, irregardless of when the family converted to another religion. My female children, if I have any, will also be Jewish. So that makes me technically Jewish, even though I was baptized Lutheran and am now wiccan. Kinda messed up, isn't it? 010621
mendez the amazing spanish jew can i get an "Oy Vey!"? 010621
Barak ben Gidon A man orders chicken soup at a new kosher restraunt in town. The waiter brings him the soup without delay. the man sits there for a minute, and then calls the waiter over.

"Waiter, could you plaease taste my soup?"
"Is there something wrong with the soup, sir?"
"No, waiter, ust could you please taste the soup?"
"Is it too cold? Too hot? I can bring you one at a better temperature?"
"No, just please taste it."
"Too salty?"
"Just taste the soup!"
"Ok, ok! Wheres the spoon?"
The man looks at him and smiles.
"Ah cha!" he says, waggling his finger.
Barake ben Gidon Oi, govolt!

(is that how you spell it?)
hellel ben shar funny?
what do you know from funny?

give a goy a matzo and he thinks he's a mohel

Oy Gevalt!

now i know i'm gonna plotz
jewish negro 010720
god half jewish, half german. 020413
kerry james is a jew bastard

because he's a jew and a bastard...

but i like him anyway ;)
what's it to you?
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