MultiMind i will love you forever for what you are, nothing more nothing less

i am me, who is we.

we find that those who loves us, always ends up hating us one day

someday you will hate me, for a day you will.

for a day you will know something.

i love you.
black-dyed gel product I knew a girl named Jess once. She played drums in my band until I got caught stealing. She was a short girl with short black hair, beautiful in her own way, and she listened to a lot of Ani Difranco and Tori Amos. It was kind of odd for her to be in a heavy band given her taste in music, but she was a great person and I enjoyed spending time with her. Her leaving the band was one of the worst things that had ever happened to me in my naive youth. I still miss her. 010417
stupidpunkgirl you killed mike.
dead man walking.
come back for more.
(kill him again)

i don't know you (or want to)
but i hate you for what you do to him
venessa i once knew a girl. Always walking about mumbling about how much everyone was like eachother and no one was different... she killed herself two days ago, of course her name was really jesse not jess, but all of her friends called her that.i was one of her friends and she showed me the real meaning of life, sure will miss her...jesse just the name jesse brings tears to my eyes 010516
//// i want u, i need u, i can't live with out u, i love u. 010616
black-dyed gel product Dammit Jess, that picture of Bjork still haunts me. How's Starbucks? I wish we still spoke to each other... 010706
forever I miss you. I miss you so much. We would talk online and you would help me everytime i cried. and then through e-mails. Every time i was mad or upset you helped me. Where are you know i need to i need you to calm me down to help me through. becusae i have been let down again i have been betrayed again but not by HER. by a great friend and now i have to go and spend a week with her. i need you i miss you. You always knew what to say to me, to help me. I really need to talk to you. I need to poor my heart out to somone. expecially everything about my brother and the friends that betrayed me becuase there is no one else that helps me like you. Remember stay strong and ALWAYS AND FOREVER. I love you jessica, i will miss you when you leave. Your the best friend a girl could ask for thank you forever everything. 010725
jess jess still cares...does he? 010806
jess i dont think he will care tomorrow 010806
tears in the night your the only on that i can talk to about anything. the only one that I can let go of everything with. I need you so much i need to talk to you but you will read my e-mails but won't send anything back. WHY?? just tell me why won't you write back. I need to know am i still a friend or do you want nothing to do with me. Becuase i need you always and forever 010813
nanny she is beautiful, her cat is beautiful and it wears a ring. in theory i could have her, but in reality it never will be. 010909
youll find out i hate saying this, but you hurt me. You lied to me. I know it was out of protection that you were lieing to me. but stop protecting me so much. Stop lieing, just tell me the truth. I know about it anyways. I do know, i find out. It hurts more when it does not come from you. You told me you want to be happy. Well little hint if what you are doing does not work. THEN STOP DOING IT. If all it does is work for a little bit then stop doing all the stupid stuff that you are doing and try something else. Try to not get drunk, try to not get high or anything else. Try not to fuck guys. Just try not doing any of that and except yourself. and work on school. and realize you have friends that care about you. you have everything you need. 010917
stars Is the worst name I've ever heard. everytime I hear it.. I cringe. I've known about 6 jess's... I've hated almost all of them. they were stuck up and whorish. there are exceptions though.. i know 2. BUT.. generally.. they suck.. 010922
thedunator I only like Jess' I guess. I still miss the one that I lost. I will always miss the one that I lost. I will miss her forever. 010923
I wonder what it would be like if we started talking again. I wonder why we ever stopped, i miss talking to you. i mess the advice you give me. e-mail after e-mail i udate you on my life. but never a responce. i wonder....

but i do miss you
jestification i try to be me and represent me.
i try and jestify.
i try some jesstificitive inverse shit.
i try and reverse it: ssej
i try and erase it.
and it comes out distorted.
maybe they should call me sesj.
i'm no damn jess.
i change too much to be one thing.
i crave too much to have one calling.
but i like being called...
cheer-up-emo-kid she likes to spill all of her guts on the top of a well stocked bar
and then swallow them bit by bit remembering every scar is a valid reason for every drink

(changed for gender appropriatness)
Freak Okay, you can call me Jess, I really don't mind but if you EVER call me Jesse.....oooooh you'll regret it. 020810
cheer-up-emo-kid Im just a vacation that you decide you can vacate at any time 020812
cheer-up-emo-kid you told me once I made you smile
we both know damn well I didnt
girl_jane My boss...well-not after the 21st. 020814
silentbob my former boss as of the eighth.
shes fuckin beautiful
cheer-up-emo-kid she loved to look at flowers
smell fruit
And the leaves had the look of loving

But halfass drunken sailors
staggered thru her sleep
scattering semen
over the virgin landscape

At a certain age
her heart put about
searching the lost shores

And heard the green birds singing
from the other side of silence
cheer-up-emo-kid I want to kiss your tears away tonight

it's hard to give up the one you never thought you'd leave
GirlNamedLover holy_heartbreak_batman 020821
GirlNamedLover before I spill the things I mean to hide away
or gouge my eyes with platitudes of sentiment
Ill drown the urge for permanence and certainty
crouch down and scrawl my name with yours in wet cement
paula i miss you 030416
shivers u hurt me. 031022
Jess Is a mighty fine name! 040608
Freak one of the people i hate the most is one of the only people that respects me enough to call me by my whole name. My name is Jessica...don't force me to go by a shortened name just because its easier for you to say.

reue its the only name that you should be called by 041117
jane she hates me because her boyfriend and i made out in the bathroom of a bar - even though it was clearly his fault 041118
dumbass older hate the most? wow, was that guy stoopid lolol 091126
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