unhinged they are all sleek and streamlined here and ship off with great careers. well, the good ones anyways. all in their designer labels with their designer girlfriends with that damn cute ass holding those cigarettes cause they think it looks cool. i gave him a piece of staff paper once. he asked me to suck his dick for $20 once. that's a thing to tell the grandchildren when he's a legend in his own time. i think i scared him once when he was sitting by the copier and i was yelling at zack for being a 16 year old. but boy, can that boy wail. 010521
.god $20? cheap bastard 010522
unhinged the initial offer was only $5 but when he stood up and opened up his wallet and found the smallest bill was a 20 he said "looks like all i got is 20's...you better do a good job" and we all laughed and i told him i don't suck dick for money and he sat down. it's sean we're talking about here...he was only half serious...i think. 010522
unhinged i have since learned the importance of a good jazzer, since they are something this school is sadly lacking. didn't know what a jewel i had right under my nose with that back in y_town ; and at later dates there was james. aaahhh...james; so_hot it hurts. him and that damn flugel horn, gets ya everytime. ouch.

'i used to think you string players were straight and then i found out; man, you guys aren't straight AT ALL.'
---approx. james
stork daddy music alone will never save the world. however, without music, the world isn't much worth saving. 050118
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