bijou I dug my fingers in the earth.
I drew you pictures of my pain.
They were so pretty
They were so vain

Put your hands in the water
Let it touch you everywhere.
Boat of my father
Cut from my



I'm lonely.
I'm an only.

I learned to put on airs.
I needed them to breathe.
Today I wake up,
Tell myself this is me.

Now this is home
But the property's on loan.
So much for letting go.
I'm picking up the phone



I'm lonely

I'm an only

silentbob punks and highschool dropouts 020404
silentbob i have a present
it is the present
silentbob ive never felt like this before
i say that every hour
little fury bug
I licked through all the layers of your confectionary goodness until my tongue bled.

I could taste the blood with your sweetness mixing into a sickening cocktail-- 2 parts, you...1 part, me.

Layer after layer, color after color,
my tongue gets sorer. I get drunker and drunker, but the pain keeps getting stronger...

but still... I can't stop, gotta keep going until I reach your core...and until you're small enough so I can swallow you whole.

and when I'm done, tongue healed and sober...How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop?
xxx Deep words. And I always thought it was just another weird ass movie. 020720
jane dude, i liked that weird ass movie 030115
stork daddy interesting 030116
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