jennifer I hate you only for loving him
I have never met you and I will never meet you but still I hate you
only because you get that intimate closeness, that touch, that look, all those things that I want!
I hate you!!!
I want to be you
I want to have his kisses
his embrace
his love
I want all that and I don't want to share him with you,
I want you to have no part of him, to be in my shoes
and I hate you even more than before
when you and him were new
and now I am the forgotten one
superleni mmm.
i stole a boyfriend once.
but i wanted him, what was i supposed to do?
he was a crap boyfriend anyway.
if i recall, he impregnated another dear lady while we were together. better her than me :)
i think he was a serial-betheived boyfriend. indeed, i suggest he orchestrated it. he loved to go from one woman to the next with a bit of overlap and perhaps another somewhere in the middle and, several times, just a few hours apart.
i don't feel bad about stealing him, because i was doing her a favour.
i wish someone would have stolen him from me. unfortunately i had to chuck him out the window myself. it was really hard to do. incidentally, this blue place was my best friend when i did.
he did have some good qualities.
he was just loose as a goose.
his name was not jarrod.
superleni poor mother of his child.
i really feel sorry for her.
Emptyness Alive i accidently stole my friends fiance.
i didnt mean to
she fell in love with me
it hurt
i lost my friend
went out with her
she lost me 3 months l8ter
my friend is my friend again
but my heart woz broken.
then i went out with an enemies GF
11 months
heart broken.
im a man whoar
kill me
before i strike again
Emptyness Alive my heart not theirs
i hurt myself emotionally
scars that sometimes wont heal
superleni isn't the high of it all worth the pain? 060613
Emptyness Alive too right
the game of love is the most exciting thrill ride of them all
does it ease the pain Weary of this slow recovery from broken heartedness,
weakened by the trickle of agony that lies just beneath the surface of my smile,
I send you an empty message of cordial greeting
that brings me to my knees again.
what's it to you?
who go