spooky fish the band took their name for the catch-all excuse made for some of the volatile situations in the place where Perry and Jane and a few other people lived

Jane and her double life
straight job by day, underground junkie by night

she was known to occasionally lash out at her housemates

("she gets mad/
and she starts to cry/
she takes a swing/
and she can't hit...")

see: woof_woof_woof
Casey Great great band, they are so great I can't even think of something more to put here. 011028
Dafremen "...Classic, Girl. ; ) ( = "

(Ain't No Right, Of Course.)

"Stop! } B ( "

(Obvious! Been Caught, Stealing Three Days. : ( ) = )

"No One's Leaving! } B ( "

Then She Did... } B ( : ) = )
silentbob been caught stealin
once when i was five

and she did it

just like that

when you want something and you dn't wanna pay for it
Alexander Beetle I wonder if they want me? 011028
Casey What makes the kettle whistle?

What makes gold precious?

What makes the baby cry?
ilovepatsajak i don't owe him nothin', but if he comes back again, tell him to wait right here for me or try again tomorrow...i'm gonna kick tomorrow 011028
Dafremen "...Will you say hello to my ma? Will you pay a visit to her? She was an artist just as you were. I'd have introduced you to her. She would take me out on Sundays. We'd go laughing through the garbage. She repaired legs like a doctor on the kitchen chairs we sat on. She was unhappy just as you were. Unhappy just as you were Unhappy just as you were. Unhappy just as you were." - Jane's Addiction Ritual De Lo Habitual(Then She Did ) 011028
Dafremen "Of course this land is dangerous
All of the animals

When I was a boy my big brother held on to my hand
And he made me slap my own face
I looked up to him then and still do
He was trying to teach me something
And now I know what it is
Now I know what he meant
Now I know what it is Ohhhh

One must eat the other who runs free before him
Put him right into his mouth
While fantasizing
The beauty of his movements a sensation not unlike
Slapping yourself in the face
It's like slapping yourself in the face
It's like slapping yourself in the face... La la, La la, La la, Lalala..."

"Of Course"
Jane's Addiction - Ritual De Lo Habitual
jane what about porno_for_pyros 020701
Dafremen Can't compare to being addicted Jane. 020701
jane true 020705
jane have you ever heard slow divers 020825
celestias shadow they're BAAAAAAAACK!!! woo-hoo 030723
Fire&Roses "You know the wierd thing is he was actually kind of cute, kind of like Perry Farrell, you know intese, but sensitive..."

~Everclear (Unemployed Boyfriend)
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