jane how long does it take for a word to become a link? because obviously back in the day most words hadn't been blathed yet. so...how long was it before they turned to a link 030328
just guessing as soon as another blathe includes it and that blathe is followed...i think 030328
DannyH When I was writing the blathermaze I had to put a blathe after the one with the link in to make it underline it. I assume it would have made the connections eventually on its own but its definitely not instantaneous. 030329
minnesota_chris yes, if the word already has been blathed upon. See jane_gets_an_answer 030329
p2 i believe
(but am too lazy to double-check)
when you blather
the blather engine
completely re-creates the page,
cross-referencing entries previously posted
with words in its database,
and linking on-demand
those words that have their own page
and saves it to a file

pages are only (re)created
when you blather under it

the file does not change
and the links do not get established
until this re-creation
despite the existence of a word's page
at any given point in time
minnesota_chris I did test it out:

I made janes_test (and wrote janes_test2), and then created janes_test2. When I created janes_test2, it was not linked from janes_test, even after reloading. Then I wrote something under janes_test, and there popped up a link for janes_test2.

So, um, what he said.
User24 I am not sure whether the script passes through and re-writes the whole page, of whether newdream.net have configured the server to pass .html through the perl interpreter, if the latter is true, the whole thing could be running from a mysql database, not just the who blathed what, where and when pages. A check of the source_code would reveal, but I don't know PERL, and am certainly not going to trawl through it.

Sorry about adding absolutely no value to this blathe.
flipchrist stop asking stupid questions
or complicated ones
User24 (stop making stupid statements?) 030407
p2 i believe it rewrites the html
because of my own personal experiments
specifically the one messing with underscores

blather under _framed_in_underscores_
and under 'framed_in_underscores'
and the same file will be rewritten to
i.e., _framed_in_underscores_.html
DannyH I think the etymology passes through a symbiotic ignorance filter (possibly a Tri-partite flinch magnet or sparklehorse) rendering the whole subtext unimaginable. Something like that. 030419
User24 ah yes, I agree. 030420
silentbob i think its just how slow or fast your computer is

things take longer to load

at home it takes forever for my blathes to even show up, but at school its instantaneous
what's it to you?
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