h|s|g stickers 111105
h|s|g sometimes_it_takes_a_while 111105
Risen I believe this with all my heart. 141120
Lemon_Soda As do I...even though I may not get what I want... 141120
unhinged the state of ok doesnt include wants 141120
fishawk Ok
Often kind
Only knowing
Always an open door

I feel that this belief that it will be ok is a trust in ourselves that we can be ok and survive anything, that even if our wants and dreams are still not satisfied that we will keep going and building those dreams, that we will see that what we want and dream is subject to change and that remaining focused on the future may cause the present to feel dull and stagnant or even sad. We should still dream and have desires and goals but also nurture and savor the present, build in the time that we have in our hands so that as the future keeps coming and happening one_moment_at_a_time we are prepared to welcome it and work together with all it brings to keep it flowing in a functionaloving way.

Ok opens doorways to pathways that loventually lead us to more doorways to more futures and selves, we just keep going, knowing it will be ok and having courage and love and a smile, we pick eachother up along the way and turn the faces of those in the dark towards the brilliance of the sun, we know that the sun is us and that we are reflecting ourselves infinitely across the stars, that the sun will burst one day as it rises and that there are many suns, we will still be the sun... reflecting, shattering, coming back together, over and over forever... but for now we are these magnificent little bodies of warmth and love and vulnerability... we are working hard, learning and loving these lessons to bring home to our center. I love myself and I love this experience, I will savor it and nurture it, I will grow this love to add to the universal flame, I will carry my ember and keep it glowing and warm. I am very attached to and in_love with this singularity I am experiencing now, and I and I am ok with that. I will carry it with me through time and space forever.

It_will_be_ok perhaps should be it_is_ok

shpaaaaaaaaaaaa shpaaaaaaaaaaaa 141205
tail-devouring snake i remind myself. it_is_ok_right_now, even if my body doesn't feel that way. there is no danger, and naming my fears lets them release like leaves in the wind. this_too_shall_pass. i ride the waves of being alive, surf the sensations available in this human form, and hopefully make correct and non-harmful thoughts and beliefs from my perceptions. discomfort passes. pain passes. and intellectually i can hold onto the thought that this is all god, this is all sacred, this is all perfect. although i feel like my ship is being beaten by a storm, if i change my POV from the little ship to the larger scene of the waves, ocean, wind, rain: behind the storm is the calm blue sky, below the storm is calm deep ocean bottom. i am ok. it will be ok. 150223
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