sab i have walked the path
lined with broken saftey glass
i have walked the path
lined with pages from other books
i have walked the path
of a map of toilet paper
and cotton candy kisses

each step
made the pervious one worth it
and every time i turn
i know

it was worth it all
.nom go ask alice 050215
. . 050611
god barely 050612
.fallen starting to think that it wasn't.... it was definately worth the journery....just need a new destination 050613
stork daddy eh...the fall was worth the fall! 050613
pete i think im going to miss the girl who has become a near stranger over the last year over the girl who has been a constant companion during the past few months when they both leave in the coming weeks... the first never fell into the black box that sucks away emotions, the second pushed to hard and ended up creating it 050613
unhinged but what are we now
let me stand behind you
to push you along
let me stand behind you
to stop anything else from going wrong

and there were a bunch of street musicians gathered with their drums and guitars and flutes; maybe there's a big hippie community in harrisburg; and we stopped. most of the time you walked past such things cause i guess it was too much for you. but we stopped to listen and they were actually pretty tight, and as i held your hand i stood slightly behind you with my body softly, lightly pressed against yours because it made me feel safe to put you between me and the rest of the world. from the way you grabbed my hand, you made me feel safe.

when i hugged you goodbye later that night, i could have stayed like that forever. something about your eyes and your hands makes me feel safe from the world.

let me stand behind you
this is the way it should have been all along
you've got my heart in your hands
don't get me wrong
i could never have fuckme eyes for you
cuddleme eyes
loveme eyes
but never fuckme eyes
let me stand behind you
it's the way i feel best
about all that's been going on
palm If I could say that. 050613
a chaotic gift to idealism so passionate are the words we speak. so few are the passionate who speak those words. lost amongst their demons. lost amongst the world. 050613
Soma to end up being held in your arms.

I'd fall over_and_over and ever again if I knew that after each landing, you would be there to pick_me_back_up.
misstree every now is paid for with the full weight of hte past 060802
f i would prefer not to !
and i'm not sure it is worth it

"what doesn't kill you makes you stronger"

sure .. true .. true
but if you can avoid it .. at all costs... try not to fall.
Lemon_Soda Had I wisdom, I wouldn't have fallen. Now I have knowledge, and will not fall again. 060802
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