unhinged reality
the necessity of intent
which wasn't all lovey dovey
but image holding
i should have known you
would only appear to love me
to make yourself look more
to the cocks you so loved
to tease
you spit venom about her
with me
but you are her
thinking you are disguised
as an angel
giving me my addictions in a box
like any good friend would
and turning away
when i needed a hug
but of course i was expected
to cuddle away hangovers
and hold your hand
in crowded rooms
but you don't want the lesbian image
the necessity of intent
leaves me sitting by the phone
she while it lasted. 020103
whitechocolatewalrus i touched it
water rolling
spinning dripping
falling down
slippery on my wrist
my arm my face
i smelled it
a storm on the verge
a storm blowing
raging whistling
it was real
i heard it
flames screaming
yelling begging
crying flashing
in my mind
[it was real]
it was real
i saw it
a speck on the horizon
daring to burst
glittering pride
i tasted it
the sky in my mouth
notme . 040407
z nice form and repition 040407
Syrope it was real for that night
but i don't know whether to carve it on my brain or accidentally lose the scrap of paper

i don't want to live in a fantasy world
i just want to live in a world where my fantasies are welcome
Lemon_Soda the 3rd night. real. so real. why can't I remember save a few brief flashs? 040408
sab it was real
it all was real
this is all real

even the fake things are real
[i am so real i am beyond fake]

how is that possible?

i dunno man, i didnt do it.
puredream the moon was real! 040730
cpgurrlisanatheist. they tell me it never happened, but i swear it was real! 040730
Borealis it was...
I think...
or should I just forget?
love & hate I tell myself every night that it was real, trying to convince myself that it did exist. But it doesnt seem real, seeing as she does not believe it is worth fighting for. Obviously i was wrong, it was never real, to her... 040731
once agian yes. i know.

it's been real.

later on kiddo.
witchesrequiem Define real? 040802
pete that kiss so long ago.. though only a few weeks... where did it go? it planted seeds in my mind... seeds that were watered by the messages sent... it was real, and that scares me 040802
kookaburra no really, it was!
where did i put that blathe?
i am not crazy, i remember seeing the screen.
why isnt self_diagnosis a blathe?
or maybe it is, and i'll be thoroughly embarrassed once this posted but at least no hallucinations
B.liar "Delusional_hope"... 040802
Given Win_the_battle__'b_u_t'__lose_the_war

kookaburra hmmm
it seems that it isnt a blathe
i'm going to go with the theory that i dreamed it all
and im gonna make a little jingle:
"if life gets crappy
and you feel like screaming
just keep repeating
'i was just dreaming!'"
catchy aint it
Deomis until I woke up.
Then I found myself living in a nightmare.
B.liar US_soldier_to_face_court_martial_in_Iraq 040802
ungreat the things i said were real. the blood was real, the fear in my eye was real. when i said no it was real. you however were awake in some dream, and i walked into a delusion. you didnt beleive me and you didnt listen and i hope your couch never recovers, and i hope you find the wallet that i didnt steal and i hope you dont apologize or expect me to becaus ethen id hate you more, and then i couldnt let myself like you at all. 070909
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