ac sort_of their fault. 000222
DB Cooper it_was dark and that roar.....the engines fading into the darkness. Now, silence.... The treetops!! Now I gotta hide for awhile! 000622
calls DB coopers bluff it_was
a brown business suit
the most intelligent crime

funny how things make sense
carden it was a dark and stormy night 010504
SERIOUS SHIT and POL POT is yet another toss pot. 010515
Butterfly Collector It was a very short time, about a month, but it was wonderful. 010813
Special K It was like shining light.
The sounds... Birds?
No, man. Not birds.
Eyes like a deep well of
well, well, well,
what have we here?

Don't make that face, sweetheart, it's as if you're sucking
on a lemon. Anyway, I have better things in store
(for me)
for you.

so's I can be sure,
look at me tenderly
with your childish eyes,
like shining light.
Gollum illegal but her parents were out of town so I thought; what the hell?
yes my precious, nasty little highschool_girls.
nomme something someone said to you and you didn't know who they were and you didn't know what was being said
only the sound of the heart
the shuffling of shoes
the look on a brow
the parting sigh
a memory
oren a very_good year. 080720
three words it_was meager_expanse
oren nothing 100522
In_Bloom Embarassing
Intensely angering

Truth revealed out of the corner of my eye, in the review mirror of your car. It was you stripped bare, yelling at me the things you'd tried to cover up and hide from me.
Ugliness and hopelessness.

Cold and alone and filled with nothing but contempt for all the deception I'd tried to put a smile on. Is it any wonder my brain wanted to shut off and take a break, no thanks to you.
No thanks to you at all.

Awakening and cautioning. A lesson learned that love is possible without complete trust, a step up from an imitation of love but not what I remember of true love, not at all.

A loved pet would have gotten better than I and I know it. Now I bide my time, maybe I'll become valued as I feel I should be but maybe not and in the meantime I'll just live and take like everyone else seems to content doing.

At first a new excitement and hope for another chance at something rare and wonderful I've had just a few times. Who knows how many times a thing can morph?
what's it to you?
who go