Death of a Rose that scares the shite
and trembling
i feel in the skin

underneath the muscles
and mind

it is the trembling

past the words

sitting on the edge of the foam sprayed mattress, sitting on,

resting on,
curiously on,

gathering the slips and guiding them down over the edges of the foam.

a thin film already silk gathers towards the middle of the sheet, not at once,
but in blocks of defensive and attracted

each other
continuing internal clouds
to which the indifferent lightning strikes at each laugh.

unhinged that is the real test

some people
we are comfortable together in silence

not so much
i just babble and babble
dafremen It's a Libran thing. Silences in conversation make me uncomfortable. I always feel like I need to fill them, but have gotten better at stfu. 130525
unhinged i should know not to trust people with my heart that cause me to babble 130528
tail-devouring snake that people have permission to continue with violence 140320
Doar Just a poem, ouroborous.

it is when we are silent that those who are constantly thinking that we think about love and the constant of our feelings.

Be well in all your life travels.

Much love
tail-devouring snake i was responding to the title and not to you words doar 140814
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