so fucking lost and i came here
to commit to pixels how i feel today

and i find i have nothing left to say.

its all been said before
and none of it helped anyway.

im so weary of all this shit.

i cant even muster my rage to see if it has anything to add.

self distruction imminant.
urge to live dying.
need to deal with life dying.
i just want to crawl into a dark alley somewhere

but i know its not going to help.
this many years and i havent found anything that helps.

and if i dont have any words left?

pat sajak swallod hard, bite down and move on 020530
nomme) no it's never really funny
but it's quite hilarious really
Lemon_Soda Then you've talked your piece and now you need to do something. 050718
misstree i never knew laughter
could be some empty
morrissey that_joke_isn't_funny_anymore 060719
s_e_m_i_n_o_l s_e_m_i_n_o_l 101005
s_e_m_i_n_o_l s_e_m_i_n_o_l 101005
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