Kleh Ver ~

I had left to explore other places.
I had left to find out other things.
I had left to meet different faces.
I had left to see what he brings.

I've been overseas.
I've been around home.
I've been through the trees.
I've been free to roam.

I've learned life anew.
I've learned thoughts of old.
I've learned some are true.
I've learned most things fold.

One thing I must say,
since being away,
I found one thing strange:
"What's true doesn't change."

It shouldn't seem weird.
Truth never has veered.
I guess it makes since.
Truth never repents.

So, that's what I'll seek,
though times may turn bleak,
and if truth is kind
Iím surely to find!

monkey out in space but i want the rain
to pour down
in a great storm
and cleanse all and everything
and wash away
buildings with their people
and the trains
..churches and hotdog carts too!
leave nothing standing
maybe a rainbow?
what's it to you?
who go