b-nonymous I had the greatest sex ever, exactly one week ago. right now I feel like she hates me and wants me to stop existing, all because I'm not bright enough to understand her bloody issues.
I feel used and I just want to throw up and sleep till the end of may and maybe see if the world's a better place then.
But I can't, and I tried sleeping tonight just now, but I had to give up after about an hour and a half and maybe it's better now I got it out of my system and I haven't felt loved or like anyone has needed me for i don't know how long and I hate sleeping alone and I just don't understand what I'm doing wrong I really just want someone to snuggle in right next to at night and I want that girl to love me back as much as I love her because you're never as lonely as when you're in the arms of the one you love without beeing loved back.
This is getting longer than I really intended it to be, but it feels good to just let things flow out of my brain and onto the screen and out to the public and I think that maybe, just maybe, I fell in love with her that night a week ago and why does it hurt so much when it should be a good thing to be in love and why wont the tears come when I really really need to cry and my fingers can't keep up with my thoughts typing and stuff so I'll give up and maybe tomorrow it'll all be better and if she calls me I bet I'll want nothing more than to goof around with her for half a day or so and maybe I'll sleep till may. It'll be better in the morning!
Syrope this shouldn't be your only post 040410
b-nonymous It's not my only post. It's may now, I haven't been sleeping, but I have been in love with another girl, and she is very much in love with me too, and that totally rocks.
And my, oh my, the sex is magnificent. Better than anything I ever had. oh well. she swallows, and that's cool. blah. blather. bash.
Love is a funny thing. cus now it only feels fucking great, and I know it didn't before but that's totally forgotten.
Blah. we're gonna make sweet love tomorrow morning.. I'm looking forward to that :)
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