paste! def: annoyingly set in life. clowns that have everything going for them. people to be jealous of. bah! 010617
Dafremen I've blathered on every misspelled single word that I've seen so far.

Why spoil a perfectly sto0pid record?
Sol where is mr spell check? (or mrs, apologies if i was incorrect....) 010618
baby satan if the divine blather spell check corrected every mistake here, it wouldn't be pretty. i think we're used to the lack of perfect spelling and grammar by now. although continuous errors can be annoying to some, perfection is boring. so we straddle the fence.

also: irristable is a word in itself, as defined by paste!

and we don't want to bring the peace-loving grand poohbah of shit out of retirement, do we? let's just swallow our tongues and enjoy the choking.

may dissension be with you all.
saselia simply irristable
mysteriously magical
possibly managable
highly improbable
likely incurable
definitly incorrigable
what's it to you?
who go