Splinken the caption reads:

"jerry johnson looks at the tree where he found his son, raynard, 17, hanging by a belt."

this is not 1963. this is last friday.
Shiftography investigation, the word, sounds so official and calming... "there is an ongoing investigation".... sounds close to "things are being taken care of"... "something horrible happened, but you were not a part of it, and now everything's been healed"... "we don't do that sort of thing in America"... and next time I examined his soul's transcription, the hypocrisy was emblazoned so as not to be ignored. so in the end we came to the conclusion that we had indeed fooled ourselves... ah, a little knowledge, too late, a little confirmation... a little hopeless shrug, maybe a pious tear... we don't do that sort of thing in america 010302
aaaaardy Investigate THIS! 011208
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