j motor city 030511
monadh waking up the camels gone

in the night
they left

no water no nourishment
surrounded by dust

the music of silk scarves
played by the choking wind
nom something about living
in tent cities
something from a dream
in the desert
it seemed
i was there
:_) my best boy in the world loves Ted Nugent. 040216
srealisma (new day) you were! i'd bet you 1 of about 215 million dollars.

and it was something of the difficult variety. and the what's-the-story people are extorting you to barter your expertise, but you totally don't have to. but, now you will, because i told you not to. also, you are wondering (curiosity, sweet-skirts) if i will seduce you with so-called freedom till it all ends. well, i will, because i am really bored because some dead Beatle couldn't resolve nothing.

if i get miraculously distracted away with more important things to do, i will stop seducing you. it's not unconditional love, it's no-honest-paycheck, and you shouldn't be so sympathetic. (ooooouuuuch)
what's it to you?
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