kerry remind me of you 011209
whoknows and probably remind you of me.
why are we so stupid?
may your loved ones be stalked by an ebola monkey curses 011210
kerry i just ran across this.
this was stupid. why did i write that? what was the point?
reading back on past blathes is embarrassing. i feel stupid when i look back on them.
don't respond anyone.
No One That's okay. 020718
oren Wha? 051209
srealismas not make believe consider it a matter of pride to stand up against them, (if you have the right footing.)

defeat is always theirs, when they are fighting from a small mind.

if at one point, you decided not to grow, you must accept that you didn't, and, at your best, not seek out the weak to make a point about your soul, in that relative way of speaking and proving things.

this i must do. do not seek small-minded, even if that is what you have at your fingertips. find new friends. hope that they'll talk to you. even though you give the impression that you must must be blacklisted.

(talking to myself here! of course of course.)
what's it to you?
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