sameolme As was explained in welcome_to_prelife_instruction , calibrating and connecting are good.
A useful tool for assessing calibrations
is to follow the dictum: "Everybody gets to play with their food in their own way."
Potatoes mushed together with green peas;
all of the raisins picked out of the oatmeal first, etc.
How rigid is the social control in your
world? It's surprisingly easy to discover , by little tests. You can determine whether you need to calibrate your behavior or connect with people lees controlled.
pea soup Yeah, you can do it all, mash it together, eat with your hands, with chop sticks or a knife and fork. Do posh and peasant in the right environment with interesting people, eventually everyone will learn the different ways and cultures and become actors and actresses in their own right. You have to feel it for real and if you feel a little vulnerable just act as if you know what you are doing, its a way of making people feel comfortable and accepted. Kings and Queens should dine with people that have only eaten bread their whole life, it would be an education for both parties. 080313
Lemon_Soda I agree with everything you said, Pea Soup. 080314
sameolme My spelling never ceases to amaze me. 080314
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