nullspace someone said last night that i was an instigator.
i didn't know that. i guess i am sometimes, but i hope that it's never in a bad dennis hopper in easy rider kind of way.
EECP Even if you are an instigator it is impossible to instagate action, it must be chosen by the individual whom preforms the action. I fucking hate it when people blame. Stand up and take the responsibility for your actions. 001214
j_blue thats like one of my rules:

there is no way in hell you can steal someone from someone else, so go ahead and flirt, even if he is taken. (especially if he is flirting back)
EECP I think there is good logic in that rule, however, I believe the caution comes into play if one person is bothered and has the testicular fortitide to ask you to cease. Although, if the person is flirting back I begin to question which person to ask to cease action. 001221
cole "testicular fortitude?"
an overestimated claim by many, yet understood by few and achieved by still fewer
god i got tripped up by the instigators (literally), soon after hugging/ being hugged by the female instigators. later, we added fuel to the fire, and drank and left a dreary aura. things turned out ok, tho... 051009
unhinged i told him it was in my blood to be an instigator and he said i should write a hip hop song with that line in it

double blather_syncronicity
unhinged if things are priced for people with stock options how are the people that hasten their consumerism supposed to live?

i am a socialist because i value hard work and think it should be rewarded. in a society where people make millions by sitting on their ass, i as a number of the working class can barely eat, that is no longer acceptable to me. corporations that are
enslaving this country and the politicians that are letting them escape, unaccountable, need to go.

i voted for a socialist for seattle city council. so did a lot of others. the democrats hate her. she says what they are afraid to say. i heart her. the left is pushing back assholes.

let the working class stay in seattle. fight mindless greed. fight the oligarchy. fight

flowerock sustainable_communities

if enough people find the time, space, and resources to grow food for eachother and themselves, it helps. I don't know what Seattle is really like though, how realistic it is thereto donso... I visited a place just outside of it with a huge forest park the_arboretum.

it doesn t fully solve the problem but it is a start and a catalys to working together, building solidarity and learning skills and how to work together tather than just work to home to workto home alone and separated from
our neighbors and others suffering from the same issue...

butthe it hard to find the time and energy when we are all stuck in that cycle, trying to earn wnough money to survive... let alone buy supplies for giant or multiple gardens.

and many of us are just too afraid and insecure to really do anything that would make any real change.
unhinged seattle is very much a csa town. in a land where one story buildings are being knocked down for 20-story condos, this city sets aside swathes of land for p-patches...where the swathe is parcelled
and raffled off for apartment dwellers to have gardens. there are year round farmers markets and semi year round farmers markets across the city.

but the same produce at the safeway is at least half as much. does it taste as good? no. is it more likely to give me cancer? yes. but on almost minimum wage in this city, i do not care. i will always choose the cheaper of the two. that is the only choice my income allows me.
flowerock unfortunately that seems t o be the case all over... the prices. I am envisioning less selling of the food grown for money and more of the food being eaten by the people growing it and in the community in trade for other work or goods. my vision is a little idealistic and would take time to get in order. the gardeners are probably making about the same as you money wise, if they are actually over charging then that sucks, I don t know what appropriate prices are really.




in berkeley there is a really affordable little market run by school kids. I need to check in on it again now that the school kids are back in school

otherwise some stuff from trader_joe's, safeway, local co_op type places and little markets, the low prices are scattered all over between all the high prices. grocery_outlet and costco have proven to be worthwhile places to visit.

in the mean time, there is stuf like this happening

land owners get tax breaks for agricultural use of land. I don't have a full understanding of what this means, how it works, or how awesome it is or is not, but it seems good... I womder how muh space is available for agricultural use and how much of it is owned by people willing to use it for that...
unhinged p patches are for people to grow whatever they want. most people grow food 140902
flowerock that's cool. I should/will learn more about gardens_in_the_city any city. what is available and what is actually happening. I am very interested in the idea. I really have not lived in a real city before now. I thought Tucson was a city, now I see that it is a very small spacious city in comparison... desert or not, there was plenty of space and native food. I don't ven know what "csa" or "p patch" means. public patch? city sucks ass?(that was supposed to be funny, it may not be) I have a lot to learn. luckily this information is plentiful and free. 140903
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