nicc what keeps me up at night? i know its not the late night shows...they're not that funny. 011008
insomniac I think they are. 011008
baby satan if you're deprived of enough sleep, just about anything becomes funny. on the downside, your lover is rarely amused by your laughing fits at five in the morning. it's fairly hit-and-miss. 011008
kingsuperspecial there's my leg...
I wonder if there's any beer in that can?
nocturnal unisom, people. or nyquil at the very least. it's the only way. 011008
sleeping pill nocturnal knows her shit. 011008
computercure? I dont feel like this is working... 011009
sleeping pill try me, I work. 011009
reitoei 2 am. i lie awake listening to a silent house or perhaps hearing my grandfather wandering the hall like a phantom if i crack my door he'll walk past, not seeing me in the dark head bent, a white haired ghost. but he is silent tonight. it is just me. i stalk the house sitting in the couch, enjoying the darkness. what would would one sya if they saw me here a dark figure in the ghostly glow of a laptop screen.

I love the night, the stillness, i stare out the window at distant lights, at the stars. and anything is possible.
adumb nimrod 021012
dave attell hey...i'm funny! what the hell are you trying to start? i stay up late! i go out! so you don't have to! 021012
Hellmaster Damn it, talk to me. I need help. I'm going to kill myself right now. Whoops! Too late. 030325
Fire&Roses it's two in the morning... not so late yet, but i used to stay up because i loved to feel like i was the only person in the world... tonight though, i know i am not the only person in the world... i have never been more alone 030713
mISSY I can't sleep and i think it might be because i have a boyfriend. All i used to ever do was sleep. Now i havent slept for 4 months and im exstreemly depressed/ suicidal and i cry every night and day. My GRADES ARE LOWWERING AND i dont wana break up with my boy friend because i love him..problem being..i cant stop thinking about him and my nervs are killing me. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!! 040405
oE get a meditation cd..or download one..i use one and it really helps... 040405
soulesswanderer 3 am. I'll be up for a few more hours at least. Trying to sleep never works. So, you just ride it out. Wait. any maybe eventually, after the sun rises, I'll be able to close my eyes and rest. 040405
oldephebe the thing about these meditation CD's is that they induce the alpha waves even if you don't fall asleep...alpha waves of course help's the mind to achieve a semi-dream state even while awake to relieve some of the pressure, dump the garbage and help stave off psychosis, schzophrenia, irritability,nervousness - in short (like anything i say at this point can be considered brief or succinct)all the attendant by products of sleep deprivation...sometimes I'll listen to it for at least three hours straight so that my mind gets those few hours in the alpha state even if i don't really totally fall asleep...
red eyed bird go to sleep around 4AM
wake up at six_in_the_morning
werewolf insomnia

continuing to exist,
the incessant chirp of crickets -

what else exists in the darkness -
the dampened desk lamp on the table,
hand drums sitting on the floor
which return the minimal light of 3 am
like moon rocks
or skin stretched tight and pale like
bleached skulls.

the clock counts
on the same relentless
abacus as the rest of the furniture
some number repeated beyond even and odd
which i fluctuate above or below
like bad radio reception.

even a spider
weaving its eights of ceiling or floor
would be less lonely,
would turn my hell into the two dimensional
hell of dante
(in which though the pain seems personal,
you are reminded that you are just
another character, another licking flame).

or to have a lover, or even be a victim
but to pass the hot potato of
would be -
a forgivable continuance
as most days are.

but my heart's endless
started at the womb
and still pushing into space
endless depth charges -
will not release me.

the longer i am awake
the more i seem
to separate from myself-

after all,
at a certain point
when you are all that is left
when nothing else
is with you that moves
like you or lives like you
in the night -
isn't that lonliness
the only metaphor for death?

why can i not sleep?
to lay down and become an artifact,
as optional as a crooked tree,
a statue, or the pyramids -

just points in a spectrum of form
in god's insomnia -
an attendant
to the needling heartbeat
of the world,
and not its center.
what's it to you?
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