nisus Insidious is the pleasure of old friendships gone awry. The twisted emotions that ensnare your thoughts. You feel guilt and pain. And anger, frustration, and resentment. But don't you feel a longing, as well? For those days with pleasant company? And as time passes, do you ever miss the deluge of old emotions? Find yourself almost missing the pain because as least then you had something or someone for which it was worth feeling strongly? 031103
flatte i have a buffalo that i named charles once in honor of thomas. the other week i stuck wet plaster in my ass--when i shat i filmed it and sent it to sundance and they gave me a tostada. it's fucking fresh! i feel like eating a bowl of towns now. 031104
Raina nice. 031224
unhinged heroin 031224
misstree corrupter 040322
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