nomatter the stare with blank expressions, not understanding the meaning behind our stupidity. 030930
blah-ze stupidity is its own meaning, at 2 am wearing a y-front on your head (and almost nothing else), tothpaste as warpaint, and running laps of the backyard. the neighbours didn't understand... 031001
endless desire sometimes i make them up. just to be weird. and then i say, oh sorry, that was an inside joke with my other friends.

like. . .
"powerpoint in the lake!"
oh wait. sorry.
and they still all laugh. it's funny.
nomatter intangible 031004

I've made them up too. Not for the novelty of having an inside joke but because I prefer to say it's an {injoke} than explain a long boring story.
Death of a Rose carefully mailed with something special 031014
souless wanderer "You're hair looks longer, did you cute it?"

"Have you ever been, whats that word? umm... umm... Tested? I have, I'm not a genius."

"Red or black?"

"Evil leprechans!"

"Evil box!"

*insert 007 theme here*

To many to list, but good times, all of them...
^---- The stupid one above makes yet another mista i so cannot type... Cut, not cute, Cut. 040108
mon i like that
cute it
next time i see a cute haricot
i'll ask the being
if they cuted it
mon did you cute your hair?
it looks so cute
mon if they ask me what i'm on about
i'll say it's an inside joke
souless wanderer Mock me if you must. *long suffering sigh* lol. 040109
time_warp "no more nick_cave!" and cracking up at inappropriate moments. it was proper that us two lovely ladies befuddled our mates. 040109
what's it to you?
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