*starlette* i love this word. that's all =P 000922
Q I bet Dubya can't pronounce it. 000922
valis so there's a dictionary entry for indubitably, but none whatso'er for 'dubitably'.

how can this be, dammit?
this is like the pi of words.
Levi Hall This is my favorite word of all times. You can always reply with it. :) 011210
niki does anyone remember the commercial for cookies or cereal that had a little orange lion or thingy that said that at the end? it's kind of old school but I can't remember what the product was 011211
heckle (to jeckle) ... old chum. 011211
Annie111 This word makes me laugh. 011211
ClairE YES. I had that book!

*song cue*

Crispy Critters, a good wholesome bunch...shit, I don't remember full verses. But it ended with:
--it's indubitably
niki thank you ClairE! Crispy Critters is it

you rock
me Crispy Critters, a good wholesome bunch
Low sugar cereal with lots of c-runch
It's indubitably
Indubitably ... Delicious!
nelzee Dick Van Dyke says it to Julie Andrews in Mary Poppins 040315
sameolme ok, last post, but I gotta.
Mary Poppins rocked my world.
I was forced to bring my little brother to the theater to see it . Thinking embarrassing little kid movie. I laughed so much and so hard that it was my brother who was embarrassed. I may have developed a bit of a crush on Dick Van Dyke that day. Ms. Poppins was cool to, but a little too strict for my taste. Indubitably indeed!
...AntiqueClocks... I watched Mary Poppins ALL the time when I was little!
Every time I went to my grandparents house. We baked cookies too....
Ah, fond memories....
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