starjewel Maybe something's wrong with me,
But I can't help this iconsistency.

Seems most of the time
My poems just won't rhyme

Seems mostly my sunny day,
turns too qucik to grey
And I don't know why I feel this way.

It's times like these
I write down random words that my mind sees.

No rhythem to my beat,
It's all kinds of off, yet I still tap my feet.

While the pen moves on
I'm lost, I'm gone.

In the zone
Of these thoughts I condone

There just for fun
Or maybe for someone...

But Who??
Do I love you?

Or is it someone else?

It was a stranger's touch
That made me want you so much.

But I don't know who that I want more.
Both of your hands could heal a heart this sore.

Don't know though, which of you I want to feel,
Because I'm not sure which of you is real.

And here I am lost and confused.
And meanwhile the reader of this poem's not amused,
for these rhyming words I abuse.

It's just that something's wrong with me,
I can't help this inconsistency.

Don't know how to rhyme,
Well not all the time.

It's just that my world spins different directions.
And I stand in the mists, trying to make some connections,

but there are none,
writng this poem was fun
don't worry it's almost done...

Just wanted you to know that something's wrong,
This poem's so long.

Yet I've said nothing at all
Blind words start to fall,

And I say it again

Maybe something's wrong with me
But I can's help this,

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The Wavelength of Man_Talk is varied from the Frequency of Woman_nag...

Copyright 2004

"trying to find my great inconsistency"

not to say that i don't have any inconsistencies
i just think my inconsistencies are fairly consistent in that they are continuous, constant

i think there is a certain contradictoriness to most everything i feel/think/say/write/blather

if that makes any sense at all.
what's it to you?
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