andrew I'm excited, aren't you?
pick a fight:
Did you know that the roman emporer Caligula had a horse whom he appointed as a senator? He has often been accused of having a love affair with the horse, whose name happens to be "incitatus"
the latin word to incite( or arouse, wake) is incito, incitare, incitavi, incitatus. incitatus means "the arroused one"... what a pervert!
minnesota_chris one person cannot incite another, nor can they creep them out. The recipient is responsible for their own feelings: if they get incited, it is their own doing. 080617
past let me walk away, i'm here to have fun. 080617
minnesota_chris the past slowly walks away, on quiet cat feet, whether we want it to or not. 080617
past damn right. 080618
the_occasional_barb You weren't tall or good looking, didn't spend enough time in the shower and though hung like a horse, that thing didn't stay up as it should
All that aside though, you were an excellent fuck when the thing did work
No one yet has figured out how you got me so spun enough to lose my common sense but I can forgive you most of it and even say, "Thank You"
You were better than fiction
what's it to you?
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