perfectly_chaotic I was staring at the jackals roaming the street between the snowbanks. These were no ordinary jackals, they had bold black stripes running from their lion-like manes straight towards their hind legs. The whole pack roamed around in circular patterns with their tongues hanging out and occasionally biting at the air.

Although there were other people there, I was alone. Everyone around me would approach them and then back away as the jackals snapped at the air and tore the air with their calls of terror.

After a short while of watching these creatures I decided I was going to pet one of them. It snapped at me, too, upon my approach, but when I reached out and felt its neck it sat still. I did not even stroke its fur, but it became calm enough that I was immediately able to ride that jackal around the streets. As I did everyone else disappeared.
perfectly_chaotic Shortly after the scenery disappeared followed by me and the jackal. What an experience when seen through the eyes of a child. 110630
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