The Heart of the Fire The thud and hiss of the ocean, crackle and hiss of the fire throb into a huge cauldron of silence. And in the heart of the fire I see the animals, the beasts and the birds, the hoofed and horned, the feathered and scaled the Goddess and the God in human form all dancing together, whirling into a single pillar of light.
In the heart of the fire, they are the same.
birdmad burning from the inside 020820
daxle my hands are icy cold

hot enough feels cold
angry enough feels emotionless
Freak At the heart of the fire - lies the darkness

At the heart of the darkness - lies the light

At the heart of the light - lies the love

At the heart of the love - lies the fire

At the heart of the fire...
Freak The Heart of the Fire. Great book by Cerridwen Fallingstar.

It is the story of her past life as a witch in 16th century Scotland.
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