kx21 ***In SEARCH of NOTHING***

1. I am NOTHING.


And thus, I am probably the only one and the best one to reveal the secret, magic, mystery, and beauty of NOTHING.

1.1. Clue to NOTHING

Where can you find me?

I can be found at anywhere, everywhere, anyplace and everyplace; in anything, everything, anybody and everybody; and
in the past, present and future, in particular, yesterday, today and tomorrow.

1.2 Relatiohsip with GOD and YOU

My inconceivability is more than if not equal to GOD; probably more than U, the UNIVERSE and certainly very much more than YOU.

The reason is pretty obvious as
the Creator of U, or GOD in the Layman's terms, created the Universe from NOTHING.

And You are only just an active member of U at the present moment, created by your Ancestors. Strictly speaking and it may suprise YOU as well as ME:-

I am your FIRST or more precisely
REAL Ancestor!!!.

And thus, you are naturally and automatically inherited my GENE called NOTHING from ME.

As such, You are destined to own a special FEELING:

You are NOTHING" thoughout your LIFE!!!

Is it not possible for you

1.3 Connection to ZERO

Nothing is (i.e. I am) qualitative, which can be best described by the following:-


And ZERO is quantitative.

Thus, I am not exactly same as or equal to ZERO. And to a certain extent,
we are not comparable.

In Mathematical Terms,

NOTHING divided by NOTHING is equal to WHOLE,

NOTHING times NOTHING is somewhere Between ZERO and NOTHING or more precisely NEAR to NIL.

Given that ZERO is much more comprehensible and sensible to you. Naturally, many of you, for the sake of simplicity, prefer to use ZERO to project my image, or to add more colour to my LIFE.

To keep you awake, I specifically design the following Test Questions (TQs) from NOTHING, and especilly for you. Hopefully, these TQs would help to
stimulate your MIND, your BODY and your SOUL; and
to bring YOU closely to ME as well.

TQ 1.1.

Is Zero one of your Ancestors?

TQ 1.2.

In you, Where can you find me?

Copyright 2001.
' it may suprise ' should be read as
' it may surprise '.
kx21 2. From NOTHING to SHIT

TQ 2.1: What are the possible relationship, connection and interconnection between SHIT and NOTHING or me?
kim i am in search of nothing
and nothing else
not you
or him
or anything else
cause nothing seems
that i can
at no time
or any time
and nothing is
something that is
at all
birdmad I usually find NOTHING when i am actually trying to find SOMETHING

Looking for my keys...nothing

Looking for that extra twenty bucks i had left laying about..nothing

sometimes, though, if i seek one thing, i find another

i was looking for a good reason but found a worthwhile excuse

So i take it that if i was to go looking for EVERYTHING, i would almost surely chance upon the ABYSS
kx21 * From NOTHING to SHIT & STAR


Given that NOTHING is FREE in this world. This Universal Principle is relevant and applicable to the UNIVERSE , without exception to GOD, the Creator of U.

GOD is smart enough to undestand and learn that

a) It is best to keep 'NOTHING' intact.

The reason is pretty obvious, as
'NOTHING' is indispensable for creating U . That is EVERYTHING must have its first Ancestor and 'NOTHING' is the only CHOICE.

b) The STAR(s) and the SHIT(s) must coexist in U.

The proof and further information can be found at

* Theorem 1


STARDUST is a Modern Science's Terminology for SHIT.

STAR is as to YANG and
SHIT is as to YIN in Chinese philosophy.

Copyright 2001.
the repeater zymurgent 010115
kx21 STAR is as to high-energy matter / particle; and
SHIT is as to dark matter / antimatter / anti-particle in Modern Science or Cosmology.


" NOTHING " is " FREE " , and
NOTHING is Free.

Same phrase but with different meanings.

This, is most probably the only mistake and perhaps the last mistake ever made by GOD, by simply beliving that NOTHING is "FREE", specifcially NOTHING can be used freely for the Grand Creation of U or the Universe , SHIT(s) and STAR(s) without any Consequence(s).

Because of this belief, GOD used its limitless POWER and NOTHING to create U, uncountable numbers of SHIT(s) and STAR(s). The moment of this GRAND Creation can be best described by
' A BIG BANG ' as in Cosmology; or SKY is OPEN and EARTH is SPLIT in Chinese Philosophy.

And thus the STARS twinkled and the SHITS hidden EVERYWHERE in U.

And GOD paid a price for its 1st and last MASTAKE for failing to see

" Nothing is free(of charge) "

Just to let you have a feel for the moment of this GRAND Creation:-

Just imagine that a sizable POWER is applied to a very huge object, like the Earth; NOTHING will happen.
But, if that POWER is applied to you,
You will see STARs and become SHIT(s) with some noises generated.

And If such POWER is applied to a very tiny object like NOTHING, You should not have any problem to guess the consequence of the object.

4. The FATE of GOD

The following TQs would help to keep you awake and to stimulate and stretch your imagination and creativity

TQ 4.1 What are the possible consequence of GOD after its GRAND CREATION Task? e.g. Became NOTHING, etc

TQ 4.2 What is the POWER retained by GOD after the GRAND CREATION Task?
kx21 TQ 4.3: Where did the GOD's POWER go to?

Copyright 2001.
god damn. 010115
kx21 TQ4.2 : Zero ? 010116
god almost. 010116
god i have squillo to offer 010116
kx21 The STARS twinkled and the SHITS hidden EVERYWHERE in the Universe or U.

Each STAR or SHIT is inherited with

The magic POWER of Creativity from GOD and
The special GENE of NOTHING from NOTHING.

And the VIRGIN of LIFE starts to emerge and evolve EVERYWHERE in U, via the Interaction, Connection and Interconnection of uncountable numbers of SHITs and STARs with their magic POWER of Creativity and special GENE of NOTHING.

Or in Mathematical Terms:-


And the conceivability of
the_virgin_ of_life in U can only be best described by:-


And this perhaps the most unfavorable consequence for GOD if this is not part of its PLAN of the GRAND CREATION task...

Copyright 2001.
kx21 And it is most probably the first and
last MISTAKE ever made by GOD.

Note:- Please refer to


for a theorem and its proof of the_virgin_of_life.


TQ 4.3:

Some of , and probably All of the
GOD's Power, i.e. The POWER of CREATIVITY, of GOD was transferred to the STARs and SHITs of U.

TQ 4.2

The POWER retained by GOD after the GRAND CREATION Task is equal to

GOD's Power before the GRAND CREATION Task Minus - TOTAL POWER of SHITs and STARs of U.

TQ4.1 : As above.

TQ 4.4:

Is GOD a member of the UNIVERSE?

5. The FATE of ' NOTHING '

The following TQs would help to keep you awake and to stimulate and stretch your imagination and creativity

TQ 5.1 What are the possible consequence of NOTHING after U was created?

TQ 5.2 Is NOTHING a Member of U?

Copyright 2001.
rancid Release me from moral assumption
total rejection total destruction

Nihilistic feelings are moving
if you try really hard you'll see right through them

Nihilism, nihilism,
nihilism, nihilism
G_wiz13 i finally found what i have been searching for.... NOTHING 010116
god squillo. 010116
kx21 It should be read as

Note:- Please refer to

the_theory_of_everything (TOE)

for a New TOE's Theorem, to appear soon and its proof on The Virgin of Life.

Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Thank U for showing your interest in this subject.
Bell R What fool these morals be searching always and finding only me... 010116
Please refer to

* The_theory_of_everything
for more information on

The FATE of ' NOTHING '.

TQ 5.3 Can Virgin of Life emerge, exist orevolve without the GENE of NOTHING?
birdhisattva found it!

now what?

guess this means that i now have nothing to hide...

time enough to let someone else search.
kx21 It should be read as

TQ 5.3 Can Virgin of Life emerge, exist and evolve without the GENE of NOTHING?

What is the GENE of NOTHING in the
6. A POEM from SHIT

I am shit. I have a pretty close relationship with U, NOTHING, and especially YOU.

I see a specific Purpose and an unique Meaning of my existence. That is, to use my magic POWER to light up you LIFE.

You one of the Culprits or more precisely, my Father(s) or Mother(s) or Ancestors who created me.

Helping you to regulate your health, balancing the warmness in your body, and in particular, consolidating and crystallising the ' toxic ' and ' rejected ' substances in your body are
three typical contributions, and probably, the major reasons to justify my existence.

And because of you, I slowly understand the Wisdom of LIFE, or so called

The Universal Theory of the UNIVERSE:-

If you are NOTHING, You value me like EVERYTHING.

If you are EVERYTHING, you treat me like NOTHING.

From NOTHING to EVERYTHING, my only expectation of YOU is:-

Please don't shit on me anymore.

A Partner of Your LIFE,

Copyright 2001.
kx21 ****

When I, my dear Rabbit NOTHING was contemplating the Perfect State of the Universe, U,

I perceived That I_am_NOTHING.

Thus I overcame All Suffering in LIFE.

Oh, U do not differ From NOTHING.

And NOTHING does not differ from U.
Form is NOTHING and NOTHING is Form;
The same is true for Feeling,
Perception, Volition and Consciousness.

U, the Characteristics of the
Nothingness in LIFE
are Non-Arising, Non-Ceasing, Non-Defiled,
Non-Pure, Non-Increasing, Non-Decreasing.

Therefore, in U there are No Forms,
No Feelings, Perceptions, Volitions or Consciousness.

No Eye, Ear, Nose, Tongue, Body or Mind;
No Form, Sound, Smell, Taste, Touch or Mind Object;
No Realm and Consciousness of the Eye,
Ear, Nose, Tongue, Body or Mind.

No ignorance and also No Ending of Ignorance,
No Old Age and Death and
No Ending of Old Age and Death.

Also, there is No Truth of Suffering,
of the Cause of Suffering,
of the Cessation of Suffering, Nor of the WAY.

There is No Wisdom, and there is No Attainment whatsoever.

Because there is Nothing to be attained,
I relying on I_am_NOTHING has No Obstruction in U.

Because there is No Obstruction, I have no Fear,

And I move away from All Attachment, Delusion, and Illusion, reaches the Perfect State of U, the Supreme Enlightenment.

Therefore, I_am_NOTHING is the Universal Magic SPELL,
which can truly protect one from
All Suffering in LIFE without fail.

Therefore I uttered the SPELL of the Perfect State in U,

Saying "I_am_NOTHING"...

Your Partner in U
snow angel man i was searching for nothing and all i found was that really confusing shit by kx21..... 011004
ilovepatsajak me too. 011004
birdmad tear me open and you'll find it spilling out of me like tv static 011004
kx21 M_eureka:-

There isn't any physical Genuine Nothing or physical absolute Zero in the Real world...
squillo god 020415
reitoei my little piece of nothing is safely locked up in my desk in a little box.once everything now and forever nothing 020416
kx21 Q_As... 020416
jane that doesn't mean nothing's going to find me 030617
thieums Who is searching for nothing will find a lot. 040429
Piso Mojado yah- its easy to never let yourself down by having no expectations 040429
kx21 Oops...

The Sphere of Nothing:-

Beyond the Limit of Twist_and_Turn...
kx21 On the Blind_spot of Illusions , and

in the Black_hole of Realities...

Copyright 2004
dosquatch Found it! I didn't have to look long, either. 040429
kx21 The_Duality:-

The Geometry of Nothing

~ The Topology of Everything...
Syrope i hope the part of you i loved can still feel me

sadness & shock can turn bitterness & aloof disdain into questions.

for all the things i typed but erased before sending, i'm sorry
i wish you'd known

i hope it's ok that after i'm done being pious & when missing you stops hurting so much, i enjoy being who i've been since you got done with me.
kx21 ***
* Free_will, Nothing & Everything

The Speed of One's Free Will of Chicken is detemined by by the state of Nothing (or Nothingness) strung in One's Chicken_Flavor.


if Chicken Essence = Everything,

the Speed of Free_will = 0...

M_Challenge for ALL:-

Can you dispove this?

Copyright 2004
notme the_master_of_nothing 040430
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