endless desire my heart aches for all the poor souls who have never been able to experience the wonder of an in n out burger. the trouble is, all the food they use is fresh, so they only have the business in california. . .and briefly in other surrounding states. the point is, it is the god of all hamburger joints. for their commercials, they just put a hamburger on the screen. you literally can't resist. i dream of a life time of cheeseburgers. ooh. im not even a huge burger fan but these are almost as good as quiznos sandwhiches and mint chocolate chip shakes from 31 flavors. 030706
Dafremen Now imagine that same double-double with a trickle of blood meandering down its side. Imagine picking it up and feeling a sudden, inexplicable panic rising in your stomach. Imagine feeling trapped, every instinct screaming at you to run from that place, from the fetid odor of blood and death surrounding you. From the echoed screams of your cousins and brothers, punctuated by sudden silence. Imagine, at the height of your terror the feel of cold steel against your temple, pressing flesh, vibrating to the frequency of your pleas. Imagine the pophiss followed by stars that fill your eyes, a choking darkness closing in, the abstract parting image of a knife headed toward your throat.

Make mine animal style! No onions please.
jane you know, they make grilled cheese sandwiches 030707
ferret mmmm! double-double with.... BLOOD! ahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!! oh wait, that's just the extra ketchup i ordered :) 030708
flowerock I hope to see it burn down one day... all that grease would make a great fire The tourists walk by and take pictures of it, they flock in and wait in line for half and hour. then wobble out and scoff at my offer of bicycle rentals and ask me how much the segways are. even the pigeons wobble around after eating the plentiful left overs. 140706
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