Barrett ...I'm camping with this wonderful woman, enjoying all nature has to offer, and all she has to offer... 001225
oh pee um you were so real
i could feel you with me
as though there weren't 2500 miles between us.
when i closed my eyes,
it was your lips i was kissing...
but still every morning
i still woke up alone.
pete rhymes and rhythms
rhymes and rhythms
rhymes and rhythms
and a pretty face.
pete thoughts of ice cream, though it is still barely above freezing out. "the first of the season!" she said. i'm likely to agree with that exclamation point. 070411
Traveller all that I hold onto
the paper you rustled was beneath you elbow as i watched the sun, the small doings of your fingers, the closeness of your scent, the sky, falling before me, your breast failing underneath my skin, the grass sloping from your legs, a glance from your eyes, a moment of your heart, a painted house when i think of this.
In_Bloom Pictures
If I look into you eyes, sometimes I'll see pictures
They prompt me to ask of things
They prompt me not to speak of things
Traveller walk into me 081101
In_Bloom Dare I say... 081101
what's it to you?
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