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anonymous i was in lust. you were the new boy. i started to look forward to the days i'd see you at work. i put on a little extra make-up even though I"m not a morning person. you are so out of reach. you're not married but you're taken. you are my greatest challenge. but i can't believe what I see when i look at you. where did you come from. you look unreal, like a statue, with your chiseled featured. those strange eyes. i've never seen such far-apart eyes. you could grow a third eye in between. it's hynoptic when i look at you. i think you'd be so photogenic. you aren't tall, but you'd be a great face model. i've never seen someone like that before. i love your hair. dark, spikey with gold streaks. you take good care of yourself. you look well groomed. i know you are in your twenties, but you have the sophisticated sex appeal of someone in their fourties. and you speak very little. you are mysterious and withdrawn. when you do, your deep intelligent voice sounds so calm and sexy. when i look at you, something happens. i guess it's infatuation, but i feel so different. i think nasty thoughts in my head as i pass you, and i feel naughty having those thoughts at work. it's fun. i passed by you in a narrow hallway. we were back to back. i wish it would have been more narrow, so we could have bumped asses. i wish you'd accidently touch me. i'll never have you. i never really want to have you, anyway. i'm just in_lust with you. 040307
poison cherry she said it was love. i thought no, it's not, you're in lust. you've known him for less than a week. you're caught up in the whirlwind of infatuation, it's not love. i know you trust him, and that's great, but you're not in love.

i didn't say it though.
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