jane tell us all about yourself, dear. 081110
In_Bloom Peeping out
Creeping out
Slinking back
The cave is warm
Traveller I am more than heartened to have words that guess and quiver into the road I have travelled from the past into this black future.

I would say welcome,
and grasp your hand,
in this travller who live,
within and without the

From my yesterdays
I would say welcome,
and hold your heart,
in this face who lives,
because of you
my friends,

The pen in yesterday,
I would stay your welcome,
and hold your voice,
in this sad contenance,
because of you,
we live.
In_Bloom The cave really *is* warm
And why should I ask how many make up the shadows dancing on it's walls?
Lemon_Soda Welcome.

I appreciate your contributions.
In_Bloom Thank you. I'm enthralled here. 081114
Doar and you are very welcomed within these vaults of blather.

your voice echoes in the bricks and concrete of blather,

past the halls where we gather,
into the sanctum's and alcoves.

all of us have heard your voice as it filtered down to us, unmasked, and unfiltered.

keep singing.

Death of a Rose or in a full blown crashing blown explosion.

. Hmm...

just reading some words or your's and it was good, very good to read.

what's it to you?
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