poet im sick of my social life
im sick of having lame half-friends
im sick of getting ditched
im sick of no one calling me or wondering what im doing right now
im sick of hearing about how much fun everyone else had last weekend while i was sitting at home
im sick of feeling like a loser
im sick of being alone
im sick of people abandoning me
im sick of not having anyones respect
im just a joke, im just that guy that no one cares about enough to do anything vaguely nice for
i just stop existing if im not standing in front of you
im sick of having no one
im shut up tight and i want someone to open to
but theres no one in sight
no one seems to want me
i have no one to write love songs for
no one to snuggle with
no one to pour all my aimless passion into

and i dont know what to do about it
Lemon_Soda sounds like your a tertiary character on a sitcom. I would talk to your producer.

Seriously, though, I understand. It sucks hardcore when I felt like I was only around to fill out other peoples lives, and that I was never important enough to actually be a part of it. Kinda like a "background" friend who people don't mind talking to or hanging out with if I happen to be there, but when I'm not they don't give me a second thought.

I fixed it by going out of my way for people. Just pick the guy you would really like to be friends with and do two things: get involved in the things they find interesting and look for oppurtunities to do things for them.

Getting a friend takes being a friend after all. Just don't over do it. They'll think your a stalker.
! your a joke! 070504
yupyup i'm not particularly close to anyone - i would prfer to be friend with everyone! 070504
unhinged of falling in love
to be alone
nom i don't feel well today i'm having one of those "i'm not a well person" days so far woke up really tired and sore and just yucky feeling and fell back asleep and had a nightmare which woke me up 070504
? why do you kuff me? 070504
unhinged stupidfucking_sinusinfection 070526
no reason or something
the earliest date they may find out for sure what it is is june 22
no reason june 8
they didn't find out
what's it to you?
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