erin am i pretending
doing everything you expect
am i not letting you in
or are u already in?
are these new feelings a sign?
A sign of love
A sign of nothing
Total Confusion
Yet so clear
You are standing in front of me
Arms outstretched
I can't help but to collapse into them
No more pretending
I need You

( i realized I loved you as I wrote this)
Stupid still in the loo then?
cuck me a clue will ya.
I mean a pen,
is this your pen?
he he, that amusing!
no its a bloody Biro.
Mr. Biro owns it.
Oh did you want to steal my wallet.
oh your gunna have to chance it darlin'
inferiority_complex i have always loved you

i will always miss you

i cant wait for our next incarnation, our next chance

i hope i dont have to die to get there
Deomis You always said that to me whenever yo saw me.
A slur of words that tumbles out of your mouth.
I never did know what to say to that.
Mainly, because it never felt true.
You always said that you loved me
But you never showed me.

So just take all your hollow "iloveyou"s and get out of my life.Because I'm not going to sit around and listen to all the lies that come out of your mouth.I'm sick of being treated like this.

You don't know what love is do you?
Briar i love you chris but you keep pushing me away and that hurts heaps. i know you like anna and i know you dont know i love you but why are you pushing me away? it hurts when you do this to me. you're my best friend but now everything is changing, what hapened chris? you're pushing me away and i love you so much, all this makes me hurt deeper then the cuts on my wrist and fingers. 040806
sylvie i miss him so much i could scream and die why do you have to be so cruel 040806
raevyn you say it so often.
every time i say it back... i question its meaning... coming from me.
do i love you?
her royal highness the quirk it was all a lie, wasn't it 050416
great '... ain't love grand?' says he who waltzes into the glass wall!

what's it to you?
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