birdmad (i have some glue) i think i'm dumb 011019
Aimee bliss is sometimes ignorant 011019
Norm A higher plane.
An enlightened sense of being.
Separation from reality.
Synthetic innocence.
Hide me, I need this.
kx21 Just imagine the state of mind of those masterminds or directors behind the show when the WTC was dissapeared from the Earth:-

Perfect or Complete Ignorance
= Ultimate_Bliss...
kx21 ;The_Ultimate_bliss... 011019
Norm If ignorance is bliss, this lesson would appear to be a deliberate attempt on your part to deprive me of happiness, the pursuit of which is my unalienable right according to the declaration of independence. I therefore assert my patriotic prerogative not to know this material. I'll be out in the playground

endless desire ive debated this issue in my own mind.
and i have been told
that, sure, ignorance_is_bliss
but dont you enjoy having/understanding the knowledge you have accumulated over the years?
aren't you glad you have it?
(haha don't get me wrong. i do not know that much. but i certainly know more than i did last year, the year before, five years ago, etc.)
my only thought on that is. . .
well, i never knew what i was missing before.
i thought my life was perfect.
i thought i knew everything.
i was content.
now i know much more than then.
i see that my life is not perfect.
i realize that i know very little.
i am no longer content,
but scared
living in fear and doubt and guilt.
so yes. ignorance_is_bliss
and yes. bliss_is_ignorant
so i guess it just depends where your priorities are.
and i guess that theres no use complaining.
the toothpaste never goes back in the tube.
delial what you said last night
- what i took " the_wrong_way "-
while the way you meant it was true
it is ALSO true the way I /thought/ you meant it.

I find it kind of strange that you didn't realize it and then say something
...but maybe you just don't want to admit it to me

or maybe you don't want to admit it to yourself?
paranoid martyr nobody has so i'm gonna

war is peace
slavery is freedom
ignorance is strenght
ferret maybe not bliss, but at least contentedness. soemtimes if you go snooping around on other people's recent kazaa searches, you find things you weren't looking for. 030703
i think i said this before somewhere...
at some point, you have to choose between truth or happiness. 030704
ashmanzhou ignore the bliss as bliss makes thou ignorant
of thy own self or thy surrounds
but ignorance being bliss to ignore what?
to ignore incedent pains certainly so
to ignore others even more
as it innures thee in a coat of unbelieving
where thou art blithe to difficulties and death
and therefore cause pain and are immuned to it
but as it is stripped bare it doth break thee
and thou bliss becomes a shame of hate
that thou wurst such an anest
to ignore it at thy peril
endless desire i always want to know more. more and more and more. and once i know what i do, i wish i had never asked. it is always the same.

what do you choose, user? anyone? i just don't know. . .happiness or truth. i guess i should say truth but i am not sure if that's what i would ever want.

i don't know. the best example i can think of is with my own religion. before i began talking with people who weren't christians (mostly brian) i had no doubt in my mind i believed what was right. but then real questions where thrown at me. whyhow? and i realized, i don't know know. i just don't. i can't. the absolute became the maybe. it is impossible to know that everything i believe happened. and if i am going to believe that it did, than why don't i believe other religions? aren't they just as ((im))possible as my own ideas? i don't know if i really (feel) god. i have just been told that i should, that there is a hole in my life. i don't even know what to think anymore. i hate feeling lost. i just don't want to think about it. all i meant to say was, i mean, would i have rather no one comforted me with christians that so many people are blind to? just be ignorantly happy? i don't think so. i really don't. i'll get through this and come out knowing exactly what i believe and why. either that or be completely lost and just convince my mind to do what's easiest. i obsess myself over matters i will never be certain about, throwing myself into an endless circle of questions that no one can truly answer. and now i am lonely.
nonentity the conventional wisdom then suggests i should be a happy bastard but it's not_knowing some things and tripping over others that ties_me_in_knots 030704
oldephebe you know what? i paused to peruse this sprawl of thoughts and a few things caught my eye but maybe i should wend my way through its entire tapestry before i try to say somthing 030705
User24 endless:
happness is fleeting and can be removed at the merest notice.
truth is everlasting.
megan seeing someone start high school for the first time, short shorts, tight baby doll t-shirt, glitter, innocent smile
in four years they will be different people, been through so much in such a short time, cinderella's with no slipper searching for them
be young while you can
ashmanzhou truth is nothing but a mere viewpoint
a portal from which we stand and stare
at the rushes of change before and beginning
and in reality truth has no meaning
ignorance be absence and bliss be presence
ignorance of thought and bliss of emotion
and therefore they together are not
but joined they are metaphorically
as we say that one is an example of other
endless desire maybe that's the trouble then
i search for happiness
and watch it fall through my fingers.
i'd rather search for joy.
truth and joy dance hand in hand.
i want something everlasting
that i can grip on to and use as an
unwavering stronghold.
i hate feeling lost.

it hurts to breath.
i think my lungs swell
when i'm lonely.
and then my chest comes crashing down. ow
oldephebe endless - you write so beautifully, so viscerally so passionate - it hurts sometimes justs to read your anguished revelations (i'm not sure if revelation is the right word but i hate using a theaurus so..) you writing it has a searing cogency, a lyrical and literal quality i hope one day you find that thing you seem to think is missing in you - i think it's already there though
i hope one day you will come walking out of that long and bleeding forever night. i know sometimes my earnestness is a little embarrassing but your writing touches me as well and i'm not just saying that because you complimented me so effusively on some blathe i wrote -
Be well endless ...
User24 all pain is brought by wanting
if you seek happiness, you can only be disappointed, whether you attain or do not attain it.

stop searching and struggling for things, and you will have all you want.
User24 ash;

the truth as we see it it is warped by our eyes and minds, the truth I spoke of is not seen from any shifting, temporary perspective, it simply is.
endless desire i rely on feelings
i ignore the truth

feelings are wavering.
truth is relative?
truth is everlasting?
truth is impossible?
truth is right in front of me?
truth is whatever i want it to be?
truth is God?
truth is love?
truth is words?
truth is feelings?
no.iftruthisfeelings, than i am going to have a hard time. i ride my rollercoaster. i say everything, yet i don't dare mouth a word.
sixteen with a blank look in her eyes um.

I really have to pee.
nomatter I live by this. Don't tell me anything I wouldn't want to know 030915
shivers i see what is happening and im wishing for ignorance. to have the ability to be happy with u. not have to worry about her. ur better then that rnt u... 030915
marked . 031120
double mark .. 031120
falling_alone there are many things i don't know about and i'm happy when i don't.

let me retain my innocence a little while yet.
ferret if it is, then bliss isn't worth it. 031126
JustOnMonday If you would of just pretended, I would of never of let on that I knew. Because what I don't want to know, I don't. 040723
HairThief thinking is a dangerous passtime. The more you think, the more you learn, the more you think you know everything, the more you see the good and the bad, the more powerful you think you are, the more arrogant you become, the more self-involved you are, the more depressed you become and finally you explode in a puff of knowledge.

Ignorance gives you a lovely blank sheet to work with, intelligence is over-rated.
jane i'd choose the bliss of ignorance over the burden of knowledge
Doar i'd want the full naked truth of knowledge laid out before me. i just can't stand not knowing. that'll be my downfall. 050709
a thimble in time and knowledge is blisters 050709
a thimble in time and knowledge is blisters 050709
someone on xanga we aspire to be the greatest emcees
and it only backfires in the highest degrees
burns our self esteem and causes these erupting...
"thoughts" to peel our skin...
'til we got nothing but bones,
missed telephone calls,
falls to the ground, buried
with baggy clothes, to call ourselves thugs,
gangstas, intellectuals, hos, but what we want most...
is to retract the statement, to believe we live in harmony,
(do you get it?)
why do you think most of us try to say peace instead of bye,
we're trying to get by with peace, hoping that bond will help through time,
it's just a word... word?
give me one chance to explain, world
not refrain from myself, but help you
notice more than the exterior and redecorate the interior
that we aren't inferior nor trying to be superior...
only living, hourly through minimum wages
not looking back, learn to laugh at our idiotic phases
ignorance is only as blissful as you let it,
everyone wants to live in happiness, so we fed it,
like an animal that loves our blinded reality
spent our whole paycheck from our misely salary
to keep content our greatest fears
misery, pain, heartbreak, death...
with even our last breath,
we spew just acts, like a tradegy, (sort of like macbeth)
what i considered were facts,
just the need for some compassion
understanding of my problems
which are minimal crums compared to the boulders you see them,
holding, end up folding the list of shit i don't have but want,
creased up paper of complaints, (oh please)
just another molding of collections to fuck up dreams
we desire to achieve the best of the seeds
plant trees and clear skies with our poetry
the only one stopping us is not our surroundings
but the lack of confidence in our own beam
that will light as far as WE want it,
the talent, there isn't a need to flaunt it,
be fond of it...
world, this wasn't for your benefit,
but ours, this is a reminder that we'll make it.
hilltop hoods and you're a happy mother fucker 060918
Keil But not knowing is sometimes the bane of our very existance. How do we expect to survive, let alone thrive is we remain ignorant. How is being hungry bliss? How is burning thirst supposed to make you happy? Knowledge is the key to all happiness, not the lack thereof. Ignorance is merely the door that barrs your route, not the route's end. Unless you lack the key to open it. If you never find the key, then you percieve the door as the end. Then you lead your life percieving what you mistakenly lable "bliss." It's not your fault, you're stupid. 060918
() ( ignorance is ignorance ) 061218
rage against the machine listens so wipe this smile off my face 061218
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