syd Yes I'm thinking of this, yes I am
puddle town, Tom was the underground
hold you tighter so close, yes you are
please hold on to the steel rail

colonel with gloves
he isn't loved on 'Sundays Mail'
all the fives crock Henrietta
she's mean go-getter
gotta write her a letter.

Did I wink of this, I am
yum, yummy, yum, don't, yummy, yum, yom, yom...
Yes, I'm thinking of this, in steam
skeleton kissed to the steel rail

fleas in Pamela
chugging along with a funnel of steam
all the fives crock Henrietta
she's mean go-getter
gotta write her a letter...
god late_night 010907
Syd is unwell stop...no...I'll do it again...no it's just about going through... 010908
baby satan if it's in you, it'll probably eventually come out of you. 010908
Inanna " .....This world is gonna have to pay. This thing inside of me it screams the loudest sound. Sometimes I wish I could......" BURN lyrics by NIN(Trent Reznor) Excellent song lyrics Trent! 010909
god scream_thy_last_scream 011018
TalviFatin ...I will find it. You will praise me for bringing him out into the light. You will finally know who you are, that is, if it's in you. 011018
lovers lament could you shine that brilliant smile my way
make me feel that nothing's changed
see, it's in me to run to your hold but
still i refuse to move
because we've both got our guard up
against the pull between me and you

but if it's in you
could you just spare me one longing glance
that time was short
but it's in me to just give you another chance
you had what you wanted
i was ready to hand over my soul bound and tethered
so if it's in you
rework the cord that you've severed

could you shed some light into my dark little hollow
is it in you to ignore my sorrow?
i've got it in me to just turn around
and walk out the door for good
feed off the strength i've finally found
i've got it in me, but i don't think i could

and, surprise, surprise, this is also greg-inspired. bet no one in the room got that.
surgically extracted xenomorphic acid bleeding bir ...rip it out and burn it

(sure i'm gonna ram my ovipositor down your throat and lay an egg in your chest, ...but i'm not an alien)--MST3K
niki then you might be pregnant 011019
jewish negro or half chinese 011025
pjork like cheech 011211
who is this is that's chong 011211
ClairE it's_poo 011211
damn was anyone else reminded of gatorade? 040706
love & hate please show me, and come back to me. Speak to me please, i love you with all of my heart and my heart breaks even more every day when i dont hear from you. I didnt know a heart could break so much. But if its in you, please let me know my precious angel... 040707
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