unhinged i think they are great. give them a listen.

i was driving in his car on the way home from a sunday group dinner with some of the kiddies in the back seat and we were listening. it struck me as immediately beautiful and sad. but it's sad in a sneaky sort of way where you get this heavy feeling in your heart and you aren't sure why.

yesterday morning i was getting ready for school and i decided i wanted to listen to some music rather than watch t.v. and i put in ida. within two or three tracks i was bawling. and it all crumbled when i looked at myself in the mirror and thought 'god, i've been clean for like three months. and i always thought when i wasn't that i didn't want to be. but i like myself better this way.' and my heroin_doll needs to go to rehab but probably won't. poor kt is getting shit from him and everyone else. my bach_goddess is sad. if only they could all leave. and i prayed. rarely in my life do i sit down and pray. but i was listening to ida, holding my hug box in my lap with a picture of my dad, praying for all of them.

life is better clean.
ida_know I just discovered them (heart like a river
) and yeah, they're absolutely amazing

life is better clean, I think
not that I'd tell anyone what to do
(ok that's a lie)

but I hope you find it in yourself to stay clean, if that's what's good for you

what's it to you?
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