old weird bird but i'm a creep 021119
bethany got to have some of your attention
give it to me

i'm special
so special
guess more of a grocery store special to you though huh
devalis to shine
a star
among a sky of black
the lily
among the thorns
the diamond
in the rough
the best
or the worst

but instead

just sky

but if everyone was a star
a lily
a diamond
then what would special be?
oak barrel that was such a good poem, and you're right... but you're not the one who should be worrying. 021120
kss having your special be discovered is not something that can be forced or resisted.

don't wish for something you already have.
krimilda i want to be someone else or i'll explode
floating upon the surface for...
angie yay that brings back soooo many good memories about this song. mmmmmm
memories!!!! haha no i will not break out into song haha
it is finished corvus mortis vivat regent 021120
birdmad and by the way

jane i_want_a_perfect_body_i_want_a_perfect_soul 021120
eklektic i wish i was as special to him as weezer. when he asked me about the poem, i told him i liked it. the only thing he had to say about it was "i wrote another about weezer. but its not as good" and he said nothing else... 021121
unhinged 'what are you calling me for?'

oh nothing
Dafremen Yea, but with the world's asshole population rapidly expanding, you're just a victim of the odds, not a lack of being special. Deal with that do0d. The assholes only win by numbers, and what's so special about that? Like being a "special" lemming jumping off the cliff with the others. Good riddance I say. (To the assholes, not the lemmings. Cute little buggers....the lemmings, not the assholes.) 021121
p2 see: lemmings 021121
no use for a name i wanna be special. I guess i am special in some ways but not everyone can see it. Its inside of me and I'm the only one that knows. Does it even matter that I have it if I can't show it? Maybe someday I'll learn to show it, and then everyone will know. 030111
lost to one single person. 030112
lost13 everyone wishes they were special at one time or another. i wish i was special to one person all the time. i only need one person. 030210
Syrope i just do 030211
niska i know i'm special. i don't see why you guys can't see how special you are. special isn't your worth to others, it's their worth to you.

finding special in someone else only makes you more special. if you think they don't know you're special, they can't be very special, 'cause only special people can see the special in others.

you are so special. you know it too. you're just afraid to share it.
kookaburra jeez, even on blather there are people more special than me.
they write horrfically long passages about the horrificness of their significant other, parents (etc)
or else they write one liners that reveal something about life.
i sit here and complain.
and daydream.
bout bein special.

"dont tell me im special, i dont believe it anymore"

stork daddy it's actually not that hard to write horrifically long passages - just when you get that feeling you should probably stop...don't. 040424
. she's_running_out_the_door 040526
BnB I think I am special because everyone is special. Everyone has something that someone else doesn't, and each of us are a unique combination of experience, knowledge, and personality that make us special. I'm sure that everybody is admired in some way by at least one other person in the world.

It just doesn't feel that way at times...
what's it to you?
who go