peyton they called this evening
i heard the alcohol in his voice
he asked the question i wanted to hear
that glittering world beckoned
the girl of my dreams
riches and fame
powerful and tearless
possibility and tantalization
the night of my life
but i've waited too long
and now
i said no
i've given up
serenade I turned down an invitation to go to the top of the World Trade Center. I was feeling lazy that day. Whatever. I live ten minutes away, I can always go some other time. It's not going anywhere...

A week later it was gone. And I never got to see the view from the top.
bet you that you're sort of disappointed about that? 070911
lost ah shit give me a chance card.

i'll get a free lift in someones trailer caravan, they won't know, it might even take me to the right place.
Ouroboros to work for suicidegirls 070912
what's it to you?
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