:..S e e d S.:...o f...:.L i g h T..: I plant these seeds inside your head, the garden of your mind,
among the memories, fears and joys and bests and worsts of time.

The beginning is the end you see and now it all seams clear.
The prophecy fulfilled at once is ringing in your ear.

My hope is that I plant in you these blessed_words_of_light.
And you take responsibly your task to raise these seeds upright.

Along the way you'll take with you a knowledge that is bright.
And with that I leave you now
because I am

ki wheeeeee. that was like the first drop on the titan roller coaster. thx SOL. 020514
ferret i sew the seeds in the spring, hoping that they will be brought up right is mere wishful thinking. I do the work, i do all the work yet the one who planted the tree gets the credit; gets rewarded for it's hight. i am the one who sews the seeds.... 030207
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