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hey! tone in down over there! 060920
Soma the gears in my brain
turn and clink
turn and turn
lever's pulled
button's pushed
the mouth opens slowly
as nothing spills out
(z) (the engine fails while cotton filled silence pervade over lost chatter and faded signals dwindled and i know more about less in the vacuum void of the days and nights without dreaming of nothing and stops.) 060921
)( )( 110512
lostgirl 'why so quiet?'

when life gets in my way
i tend to retreat to my own thoughts

things seem to boil beneath the surface

while on the outside
i smile because i have to

my attention is demanded
from all different directions

and now the rumor mill threatens what i have worked so hard to build


but until then

i_operate_silence too.
what's it to you?
who go