Doar To you blatherskites that I may have offended, to the casual reader of blather who found my comments or statements reactionary.

This hollow shell of man has committed deep misdeeds in his past,

and is trying to believe that there is still a good person inside himself.

Of course I_have_words, meant for myself mainly, but meant to be expressed to the world, to learn from and listen to. Maybe this a way of expunging my thoughts and gaining acceptance from the world. But my words and thoughts, in this world, are a catharsis to myself, and an allowance to continue living.

Do not mistake my words as complacatory or "sucking up", the words I have typed are from my depths and well meant.

I don't believe I have hate in me to the extent that I would commit more memories to be repressed. I sincerely hope I don't. I know that each waking moment, I relive the past, and spend each following moment trying to forget.

This is another long line of my confession of sorrow,
take from it what you will.

Lemon_Soda *hugs and kisses and yes I'm still a man*

misses him some Doar.
birdmad I'll second that. 080910
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