emawin he was gone before i could ever say goodbye. i guess i wouldn't have done it well give the chance anyway. But if i just could have said 3 words one last time...

PenguinRage : em i have to confess
PenguinRage : i will probably always like you
PenguinRage : the exeption...
emawin13 : ?
PenguinRage : if some how i loose all my memory short and long
emawin13 : i dont understand
PenguinRage : which part
emawin13 : the memory part
PenguinRage : just ignore that it only make sence to say in my mind
PenguinRage : ok sleep time
PenguinRage : half an hour should do the trick
PenguinRage : good bye em
emawin13 : i dont understand how you could possibly like me, since ive been such a bitch to you
PenguinRage : ok i'll answer that and then im going
PenguinRage : its simple i trust you and your beutiful
PenguinRage signed off at 3:40:08 AM

he thinks that he's going to die. he wanted those to be his last words to me, because that how he wanted me to remember him. i never even realized how much he loves me. no matter what i did, he never stopped loving me.
unhinged i find myself missing him these days
knowing he's so far away
can't hear him laugh
can't have him hold me
can't ever give him the kiss i was keeping inside my heart
just for him
too far away
wish he could hold me up again
just once
distorted tendencies Yesterday I spent the day with you. WHY THE FUCK DID YOU LEAVE ME? I'm alright now. I'll always be fine. But You are always in the back of my mind... Thank for you everything you've done, everything you do. You;ve taught me a lot about life and love in a year, than my parents could have taught me in fifteen. 011019
linsey I hope you meet someone just like me so I know how much you'll be appreciated. 011023
dgenerated I hope you meet someone just like me so I know how much you'll be appreciated. 011023
psychobabe i miss him, i miss all of him. His voice how it always made me comfortable and assured i was safe. His touch that was so gentle and light that i knew he'd never hurt me. His smile that always made me know he was happy with "us". God i just miss the way he held me in his arms, cuddleing, hopeing that it would never end and i'd never have to say goodbye...*wipes away tears* i miss him. I just hope he misses me too... 011027
nanny i had a friend, and he had problems. he was very depressed and had self-worth issues. everyone said that he was annoying and irritating because he was so pessamistic. but i still befriended him.

i went away for a while. and when i came back he was gone. it seems he just disappeared and no one seemed to notice that he wasn't around anymore. noone knows where he went, or why he left, or even if he really did leave.

all i know is i had a friend, and he had problems. and now he's gone, and i_miss_him.
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