Too ashamed to say Im done people. I am sick of trying. I'm sick of talking. I am sick of writing. I'm sick of loving. I am sick of living. Im done. Im done
Im done
Im done
Im done
Im done
Im done
Im done
I'm not gonna try anymore. Im not gonna waste my time formulating opinions and ideals and methods to this madness. I have nothing to show for these two decades of life that i have lived. i have nothing. i don't even want to be here. I am finished. Father why have you forsaken me.
Doar hmm....and.i.was.just.beginning. 061017
Ptolemy DCLVIII If everything has become utterly valueless to you, Beautiful Exister, it is time to invoke the great transformer. Cathartically_Hilarious_Absurdity, I summon thee to refresh the weary spirit of T.A.t.S.!!! 061017
jordie with bullshit 061018
Too ashamed to say No i am not a beautiful exister. I am done but thanx. 061018
Lemon_Soda So be done. 061018
Too ashamed to say Dude, don't rush me. 061018
Rumi O blaze of the world you are dear, you are dear
O beholding the beloved, keep near, keep near

I am the creation, I am the house
I am the trap and the mouse
I am wise and mad, stay here, stay here

I am the secrets you canít see
Cloak and turban are both me
I am the cloister and the monk, do appear, do appear

I am mortal, I am old
Chains and shackles my feet hold
I make plans, donít disappear, donít disappear

I am the noon, I am the eve
Fire of love with my heart receive
I am the candle giving light, stay clear, stay clear

I am the prayer and the angel in flight
I am the fire, I am the light
I am the Promised Land, so dear, so dear

I am here, I am to be
Alpha and Omega are in me
I am aware of the others, keep near, keep near

I am the acquaintance and the friend
The lover and beloved in the end
I am the flower and the thorn, donít fear, donít fear

I am the season and temporal train
I am the minor, I am the main
I am the mind and the story, be here, be here.
unhinged being unhinged with sadness 061019
Chris aka because there is nothing left of me to give to you. 061019
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