squint i'm a star with bleeding trails.
a shutter too slow
although artistically drawn so.
overdeveloped or under
photographs trying to be true to life.
And if I am a star
she is an unenlightened one
with an empty birth
unnoticed but I understand
some stars are still seen after they die
my life isn't enough
not something to spin on like these
pivotal ends.
I roll my eyes at my
therapists analogy
and tell him he's uninspiring
like any star would do...
peices of me shatter before him,
my twinkles and lack of points
coated finely with questions
and a stubborn reaching light
as if I beleived I could fill
the night sky
or reach another celestial body.
But if he has a shimmer,
it's handcuffed to the reclusive
indecision of buried mindovermatter
when its
matter over mind
and the therapist asks my problems
and all I say is
*nat* I am rather insecure, so I think this to give myself a sense of importance, it helps me through my day knowing that maybe someone, anyone, depends upon me, or something that i do is of importance to someone else. I AM A STAR 020912
bethany a nebula?
waiting to be discovered
what's it to you?
who go